Tandem started as a simple response to a few issues we were experiencing in our own households.

We found we weren’t drinking enough water—we were constantly dehydrated and reaching for other beverages, so we weren’t feeling our best.

When we attempted to drink more water, we were buying a ton of single-serve drinks, and our recycling bins were filling up with an overwhelming number of sparkling water cans.

After chatting with some friends, we realized that other people were experiencing these issues too. So we made a drink to quench your thirst and save your space, with unique flavors and unique packaging convenient for in the pantry or on-the-go.


Tandem goes further in promoting a healthy lifestyle, healthy communities, and a healthy planet. Our mission is centered around three main concerns:


When you have something fun to look forward to with your water, you’ll drink more of it and stay hydrated throughout the day. We want to encourage healthy habits in your lifestyle. Small changes— like drinking more water—can have a huge net effect.


We donate a portion of our proceeds toward helping alleviate food insecurity, by giving a portion of our profits to the Central Texas Food Bank.


90% of our packaging is recyclable, and we’re working toward being 100% by 2021. Our packs also have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional ready- to-drink beverages, because they’re far lighter and more compact to ship.