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Strawberry Lemon with Beetroot

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If we could think up something more refreshing than an ice-cold strawberry lemonade on a summer’s day, it would be a drink with all that juicy tartness, but none of the sugar. We took a flavor favorite and gave it our gourmet spin, with antioxidant-rich beetroot and natural fruit taste, so it’s perfectly sweet and not the least bit syrupy. And unlike what you’d get at the lemonade stand, our Strawberry Lemon drink mix only has 10 calories, because we don’t know about you, but if we wanted a whole dessert’s worth of calories, we would probably just choose the dessert.  

Customer Reviews

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Turns hydration into a treat

Tandem is exactly what you need to actually look forward to a glass (or bottle) of water. It's delicious and truly enhances the water without tasting fake and chemical.
I like that it comes with a variety of flavors to mix it up and find your own favorite. Mine is pink (Strawberry Lemon), while my husband likes the orange (Mango Coconut).
Its awesome in sparkling water as well, maybe even better with bubbles than without. I highly recommend and can't wait to see if they come out with other flavors!

Vey disappointed

Taste was to artificial and it did not get absorbed into the water. Needed to much agitation


Ordered this because I don’t like plain water and it’s honestly made my life better: used to be dehydrated all the time and now I’m not. I love that there’s no plastic waste involved in keeping myself healthy and hydrated.