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Slow Ride & Tandem

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Tandem Drink Mix

The only drink mix

with no sugars or sweeteners!

Stay hydrated & feel your best.

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Slow Ride Instant Coffee

Slow Ride's Instant Coffee is premium, Vietnamese coffee that'll jumpstart your day!

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I don’t like presenting my daughter with a lot of sugar! She loves this water and the flavoring! I also love that is gives a little color too so she it’s special! Great product!

Kelly C

I have gastroparesis and have been looking for something to add to water so I could start drinking it again. Tandem is the answer. It's not carbonated, there's no sugar added or artificial anything. It taste great. It's light, simple, and refreshing. I stay hydrated and out of the ER. The ginger is my favorite. Try Tandem and you will love it too!

Melissa T

first coffee ever that did not make me jittery - perfect amount of caffeine and great taste. I never need to add anything to it and it is so easy and quick to make in the morning while I take my dog outside. If I could give more stars, I would!

James L

Featured product

Slow Ride Coffee


☕️ SLOW RIDE INSTANT COFFEE: Delicious coffee at your pace. Perfect for camping trips or long car rides. Whenever you need delicious coffee - fast.

🇻🇳 PREMIUM INSTANT COFFEE FROM VIETNAM: The perfect instant coffee. Simply add slow ride to hot or cold water (8oz) and enjoy. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Trying Slow Ride is risk-free!

😋 CONVENIENT VALUE PACK: 30 cups of coffee for less than $1 per cup.

Tandem Multi-Pack (30)


Your Tandem carton comes with 30 stick packs (so you’re essentially saving 30 plastic bottles from the bin!). All you have to do is stir one stick pack into 8 oz. of water for zippy, refreshing hydration in a glass or on the go.



Fewer calories than a stick of gum!


No sugar or sweeteners! We think that's pretty sweet!


Tandem drink mix powder is made with natural fruit flavors.